How to Draw an Alien

Hello everyone, in this website, you can learn how to draw aliens step by step for free. It does take a while to learn, but you know, not everything in life is simple. We are going to give out some tips for drawing aliens, so be prepared by taking out a pencil and a piece of paper. Here is your first tip; Be sure to make your alien have round parts and make the alien look scary & cool at the same time. Aliens aren’t meant to be scary monsters, they are meant to be cool. Aliens are more action than scary. So you now get the point, which is good for a start. This will help you because it will help you understand how to draw an alien. Here is another tip; Aliens are smart, so make them have big googly eyes and make your alien have a big head. Look at the aliens from Alien, and when you do, do they look dumb? No, why? It is because they have big heads and they look big, mean, and tough. Try being a little creative when you draw an alien. Make your alien blind, have no eyes, have big eyes (Which is a stereotype that everyone uses, so don’t bother), or you can even make the alien look human. Here is the final tip; When you draw aliens, be sure to make straight lines. Anything that you draw has to have perfect lines because without it, it would turn out like “Ewe.” Okay, we are done with tips. If you want to view some great tips, visit the “Tips” page. Lets move onto drawing an actual alien. Well, the alien that we will be drawing is a humanoid, which is an alien that looks more like a human because of it’s appearances (Hands, head, feet, and legs.) We first find out what the visual has for shapes. I see an oval with a triangular point at the bottom and I see a long body. After I find all the shapes of the visual, I start drawing the detail, such as filling the rest of the drawing the rest of the image. After drawing everything, I outline the drawing with a pen and erase the graphite and finally I color the drawing, or sometimes I’ll just paint it. Drawing isn’t simple as soon as you find out all the tricks in art. Below is a drawing video that will teach you how to draw an alien. We just want you to learn easier and so enjoy.

If you don’t want to learn how to draw an alien that easily, then below is a more advanced drawing tutorial that will teach you how to draw an alien. Enjoy and good luck.

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